Phôi sứ Vericore ZR HT- High Translucency

Whip Mix offers a wide variety of zirconia in high translucency natural white and pre-shaded discs (in Vita Classic shades A1, A2, A3, BL, B1, and B2) for anterior and posterior placement. Use Vericore ZR HT and ZR HTX for your substructures and monolithic, high-translucency, full contour needs.

The outstanding mechanical characteristics, excellent chemical durability and the unbeaten biocompatibility combined with natural translucency make Vericore ZR HT and Vericore ZR HTX the ideal material for use in dental milling systems.

ZR HT is the ideal material to use in a posterior application due to its extremely high strength and natural appearance. It may be made as a substructure and veneered with porcelain or designed and milled as a full-contour, monolithic crown or bridge.

All discs are 98mm in diameter with a collar.


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